A Commination: Against VV Putin

Little Volodya, your doom is upon you.

Hear me, Vladimir Vladimirovich!

And hear me also, you sedulous, credulous bastard bootlicker and bumboy to Putin, Alyaksandr Ryhoravich Lukashenka!

May all free peoples hear me: not only in Ukraine and in the world, but those in Russia who groan beneath your more than Mongol yoke, and who love liberty!

My 9th cousin 7 times removed, Thomas Jefferson, wrote these words of an eternal and pre-existing truth:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

This truth is so for all peoples and nations.

I am an American. For four centuries my people have dwelt in this land, coming here before the United States—which we helped create—existed. We came here from England and Scotland and the Isles, from Cornwall and Ireland and Wales, our ancient home before Rome crossed the Channel.

And for that very reason, I denounce you, Vladimir Vladimirovich and Alyaksandr Ryhoravich, as one whose forefathers were of the Rus’ and were Rurikids through many lines. For the Rus’ lands were never what in your fevered dreams they are, a fortress—and, you would and wish, a universal jail of which you and creatures such as you are the wardens and governors—; never were they cut off from the West. The lineage of the House of Rurik passed into Capet and Plantagent, into Lumley and Lancaster, Sutton of Dudley and Talbot, Stanley and Dudley and Sutton and Tyrwhitt, Lindsay and Wemyss and Shaw: my ancestors.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, your rule is illegitimate: and you shall fail and fall.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are no soldier and no commander, and never were: merely a Chekist thug, a silovik of low, animal cunning.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, your sins have sent you mad and lost you your cunning: as mad as Ivan IV Grozny my 8th cousin 17 times removed by common descent of the House of Árpád.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are no prince of the world, nor of peace; you are a corrupted minor follower of the Prince of Lies, who claims to be Prince of This World and of the air: a usurper and a pretender like yourself.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are an incessant, a pointless, an implausible, a transparent, and a pathological liar: and you are exposed now by your own folly and stand revealed as what you are.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you inadvertently told a partial truth recently—no doubt in mere absence of mind. But Ukraine is not the inferior of Russia, though related: Kyiv is the father, Ukraine, the mother, of the Rus’.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are therefore a parricide, and a matricide, as you have long been a fratricide.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are a murderer, and a cowardly one, much given to assassination from afar and the coward’s weapon of poison. In your base, vile, contemptible, and unlawful aggressions, you hang back from danger and the front, and hide yourself behind guards, fearing as tyrants ever fear physical danger. Your blood-boltered hands are imbrued with fraternal and innocent blood to the elbows—yet too weak and too palsied by cowardice to take up a weapon of your own.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are no son of the Church, go through the motions as you may. You are an unbeliever, as pagan a despot as was Batu Khan.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are as utterly nekulturny, as you are as tyrannical, as was ever Berke Khan.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are no leader, no statesman, no president; you are merely a thief-in-law, presiding over the Bratva you pretend is a government, bereft as it is both of dignity and of legitimacy.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are no imperial figure: merely a petty despot on the make. Russia was never the Third Rome, however Zosimus the Bearded and Philotheus of Pskov truckled—as Russian Orthodoxy too often truckles to temporal tyrants: as Kirill does this very day even as the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople, Patriarch Daniel of Romania, and Metropolitan Onufriy of Kyiv condemn you, Vladimir Vladimirovich—to the flattered pretensions of Ivan III the Great Vasilievich of Moscow, my 8th cousin 18 times removed. Ivan III at least was a kingly figure and a prince; but he nor you, little Volodya, deserve to claim heirship of such figures as my 27th great-grandfather Alexios III, Byzantine Emperor; my 29th great-grandfather John II the Good, Emperor; my 30th great-grandfather Alexios I, Emperor; my 31st great-grandfather Romanos IV Diogenes, Emperor; my 24th great-uncle Andronikos II Palaiologos, Emperor; my 31st great-uncle Isaac I Komnenos, Emperor; my 32nd great-grandfather the Co-Emperor Andronikos Doukas; my 32nd great-uncle Constantine X, Emperor; my 33rd great-grandfather Romanos II, Emperor; my 33rd great-grandfather Leo VI “The Wise,” Emperor; my 35th great-grandfather Romanos I Lekapenos, Emperor; my 42nd great-grandfather Nikephoros I Logothetes, Emperor; or my second cousin 26 times removed, the Emperor Michael VIII, and my first cousin 32 times removed the Emperor Michael VII Doukas. May they denounce you beside me. May they pray, with me, for your swift destruction!

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are an open and notorious adulterer, ephebophile, and rapist; now you are engaged in the Rape of Ukraine, your warped version of Russia set by you to raping the mother of Kievan Rus’.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are no “de-Nazifier;” you are the spiritual son of Adolf Hitler, engaged in his sort of lies, his sort of aggression, and against a neighboring nation led by a man of Jewish descent whom you dare to label as a Nazi.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are more a barbarian and no less treacherous than was your fellow womanly poisoner Töregene Khatun.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, for all your pretended piety you are further from God than ever were Igor “the Old,” the Rurikid ruler of Kievan Rus’, my 32nd great-grandfather, and Sviatoslav I Igorevich “the Brave,” my 30th great-grandfather.

And, Vladimir Vladimirovich, little petty Volodya, you are mortal. You are mortal. Soon enough—God speed the day!—you like all men shall die; worms shall eat your flesh as your sins have eaten away at your soul and their maggots have riddled your brain and your judgement; and the shriveled husk of your soul shall go to the abyss prepared for all servants of Satan: tyrants, despots, terrorists, sons by adoption of the Father of Lies.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, the forces you are too great a coward, and too incompetent a commander, to lead in the field, may—may—triumph, for an hour, a day, a petty period of mortal time. But neither they nor you shall or can long prevail. All you have done is to solidify against you the Ukrainian people. All you have done is to unmask yourself. All you have done is to dispel the fog that every weak leader in the West and in the lands of the free peoples has been blinded by for decades.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you shall leave no great name behind. Nothing of your work shall long survive you. Your memory shall be damned in all lands, and in Russia not least. You shall be as accursed as ever was Sviatopolk the Accursed, my 29th great-uncle.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, when you die—and soon—it shall be a day of rejoicing to all free peoples, to patriotic Ukrainians and to liberty-loving Russians alike; and if you fall, as well you may, at the hand of an assassin, or by a bullet in the back of the head in the cellars of the Lubyanka, or in a noose, or in a popular revolt, it shall be a justified and glorious tyrannicide.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, I abjure you.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, I denounce you.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, I condemn you to the Pit with those demons you serve, who have made their home in you.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are hostis humani generis.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are outlaw.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you have destroyed the only legal title upon which your existence depended, and deprived yourself of the protection of the law.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you have placed yourself outwith the pale of civil and social relations, and, as an enemy and disturber of the peace of the world, have rendered yourself liable to public vengeance.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are a disgrace to Russia, whom the great leaders of its past should despise and whom its people disdain.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you cannot, ultimately, win. Your doom is at hand, and your Belarusian jackal’s with you. Your own lackeys, if they have any sense of self-preservation, shall turn upon you. Your long-suffering nation whom you have oppressed thirsts for your blood. Your sins have found you out, and the vengeance of God is nigh to you.

May it be soon.

May Saint Olga of Kyiv, Equal of the Apostles, my 32nd great-grandmother, condemn you and pray for your swift death and judgement.

May Yuri I Dolgorukiy Vladimirovich my 30th great-grandfather condemn you and pray for your sudden death and judgement.

May the Grand Prince of Kyiv Sviatopolk II Iziaslavich my 30th great-grandfather condemn you and pray for your imminent death and judgement.

May Saint Vladimir I the Great Svyatoslavich, Equal of the Apostles, my 29th great-grandfather, condemn you and pray for your immediate death and judgement.

May Gytha of Wessex, Harold’s daughter, my 29th great-grandmother, and Vladimir II Monomakh my 29th great-grandfather, condemn you and pray for your prompt death and judgement.

May Mstislav I the Great Vladimirovich Monomakh, Grand Prince of Kyiv my 28th great-grandfather condemn you and pray for your sudden death and judgement.

May Saint Yaroslav the Wise my 28th great-grandfather condemn you and pray for your imminent death and judgement.

May Anna Yaroslavna of Kyiv, Queen Consort of the Franks, my 27th great-grandmother, condemn you and pray for your immediate death and judgement.

May Mstislav Rostislavich the Brave, Prince of Novgorod, my 27th great-grandfather, condemn you and pray for your prompt death and judgement.

May Mstislav the Daring, Prince of Suzdal, my 26th great-grandfather, condemn you and pray for your sudden death and judgement.

May Yaroslav II Vsevolodovich of Vladimir my 26th great-uncle condemn you and pray for your immediate death and judgement.

May Mstislav the Brave Vladimirovich, Prince of Chernigov, my 29th great-uncle, condemn you and pray for your immediate death and judgement.

May Yaropolk I of Kyiv my 30th great-uncle, condemn you and pray for your prompt death and judgement.

May my second cousin 24 times removed Saint Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky condemn you and pray for your imminent death and judgement.

May my third cousin 23 times removed Saint Mikhail Yaroslavich, Prince of Tver, condemn you and pray for your prompt death and judgement.

May my third cousin 26 times removed Vasili Konstantinovich, Prince of Rostov, condemn you and pray for your imminent death and judgement.

May my fifth cousin 23 times removed Saint Michael Vsevolodovich, Martyr, Prince of Chernigov, condemn you and pray for your sudden death and judgement.

May my 7th cousin 19 times removed Boris Aleksandrovich, Prince of Tver. condemn you and pray for your immediate death and judgement.

May my 8th cousin 18 times removed Ivan III the Great Vasilievich of Moscow, Tsar, condemn you and pray for your prompt death and judgement.

May my 9th cousin 16 times removed Saint Fyodor I Ivanovich the Blessed, Tsar, condemn you and pray for your sudden death and judgement.

May my 19th cousin 11 times removed Saint Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov, Admiral, condemn you and pray for your prompt death and judgement.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are condemned; reproved; doomed; and damned. May your people know it, and look well to themselves and their interest.

My connexion John Stuart Mill wrote truly that,

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse. When a people are used as mere human instruments for firing cannon or thrusting bayonets, in the service and for the selfish purposes of a master, such war degrades a people. A war to protect other human beings against tyrannical injustice; a war to give victory to their own ideas of right and good, and which is their own war, carried on for an honest purpose by their free choice,—is often the means of their regeneration. A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. As long as justice and injustice have not terminated their ever-renewing fight for ascendancy in the affairs of mankind, human beings must be willing, when need is, to do battle for the one against the other.

Ukraine: stand fast! Russia, rise up against the despot! And God defend Liberty.

Published by Markham Shaw Pyle

Ex-lawyer turned historian; W&L man; historian; author; partner, Bapton Books

7 thoughts on “A Commination: Against VV Putin

  1. Nice, MSP, Bill Thompson, Jr williamthompsonjr62@gmail.com

    On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 11:37 AM Markham Shaw Pyle, author & historian wrote:

    > Markham Shaw Pyle posted: ” Little Volodya, your doom is upon you. Hear > me, Vladimir Vladimirovich! And hear me also, you sedulous, credulous > bastard bootlicker and bumboy to Putin, Alyaksandr Ryhoravich Lukashenka! > May all free peoples hear me: not only in Ukraine and in ” >


  2. There comes a time for freedom fighters. Not cosplay circus freaks and truckers whining about their freedom to spread a virus. Not mouth breathing religious zealots, nazis, bigots, and ultra maroons dreaming of freedom in a parallel universe where votes can be ignored. Real freedom fighters. Grandfathers willing to pick up a javelin missile launcher and use it. Children living in a subway while their homes are shelled. Neighbors willing to shoot the tires out of troop transport vehicles, blow up their own streets to stop an enemy advance, and women dropping assault helicopters with a stinger. A whole people willing to die for their land, even if it means that hundreds of years of historical buildings are lost. Guerilla fighters. White ones. In Europe. Again. God help us all.


  3. Typical self-gratifying Anglo-Saxon propaganda. Hate, hate, hate. I know it too well…

    But there are a few other words I’d like to say: I don’t blame you, Anglo-Saxon Mr Pyle, for your words from the old epinions days, as you wished to have my race exterminated to the last woman, child and baby, but it was definitely elucidating to read this destillation of the Anglo-Saxon character, then and now, as it has been from time immemorial.

    I don’t blame you, as you are unable to act in another fashion than that dictated by your Anglo-Saxon genetic makeup.

    But I beg your pardon, if I cannot call you and yours “humans”. In my eyes, you and your kin are nothing but the literal spawn of Satan (no matter your phenotype), and your self-worshiping lore, of which the writings on this site are just a small part, is nothing but fruit from the poisonous tree of your accursed sire, the Father of Lies.

    Good that you are in America: it would indubitably please you, like any and every Anglo-Saxon, to take my infant grandsons and smash their heads against a rock, just because they were born German, as a sacrifice to him and to yourselves.

    Your infernal racism, boundless self-adulation, superhuman deceit and subhuman bloodthirst is all you Anglo-Saxons have, all you ever were, all you are and all you ever will be. Nothing more is there to you.

    I abjure thee, Satan, and any of thy accursed spawn.

    In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


    1. Remarkable. Childe Roland, “Gott strafe England” (and America) is not much heard these days: even in a spittle-flecked, swivel-eyed, foam-frothing rant defending Putin … from the perspective of Pegida. I strongly suspect that you have put yourself not only in violation of your e-mail provider’s Terms of Service, but of your nation’s laws, such as they are. It must be difficult for you to avoid that Teutonic tic of assigning ancestral and collective guilt to everyone who’s not German, and designating entire peoples as “subhuman.” Nevertheless, as you rightly point out, I have the great good fortune to live in the United States, which is constitutionally compelled to cherish free speech; even were it not, I should do so; and it should ill behoove a man who has quoted Mill above to act otherwise. If consequences come to you, they shall not come from me.

      All the same, if you are entitled to your opinions, you are not entitled to your own reality and your own purported facts. Where you are not simply mistaken, you are lying or willfully incapable of comprehension; and what you have said is defamatory per se. Again, I shall at this juncture let that pass: not least because I must thank you for providing me with material for a fuller essay in response. I would ask, in the name of a considerable number of Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Irish, Cambro-Hiberno-Norman, and Huguenot ancestors of mine, that you be careful with slinging around the phrase, “Anglo-Saxon.” And you might, as the self-appointed arbiter of Deutschtum, ask yourself if this is the language you wish to use to and of one of the innumerable 31st great grandsons of Heinrich der Vogler.

      But all of this is for more extensive remarks. For now, you are free to pull on your ancestral jackboots and goosestep along your sad and pitiable way—or, rather, your Sonderweg.


      1. To be honest, Mr Pyle, I have an admission to make: I was much too livid and angry last night, when I’ve been writing my very harsh words. I would like to formally apologize to you for them.

        And I have yet to meet a man who handles the English language more skillfully. It is a marvel to read (yes, I must admit, once, many years past, I loved the English language very much) 🙂

        Still there remains just a thing I’d like to explain and a tiny question which I’d like to ask again, if it’s not too much: were you serious then, in 1999, when you wrote on epinions.com that all Germans should have been exterminated? I must admit that I’ve read similar utterances all over the Internet, but coming from a man as obviously erudite and well-versed in any subject under the sun was particularly shocking. Furthermore, to read such words by someone who clearly had a great ear for classical music seemed a bit incongruous and – dare I say it – illogical.

        And I have read such words only from citizens of the Anglo-Saxon nations – this term is by no means meant as a slur; it is just so that this term is used to denote all (mainly) white English-speaking nations. Maybe it is only used in this sense by peoples outside of this circle (of course, one could always argue whether the Irish and the Welsh genuinely belonged to this “club” or not, but, for the sake of simplicity, the “non Anglo-Saxons nations” normally do include them. Sometimes I ask myself whether the Irish and Welsh themselves would agree with this characterization…).

        You see, the writings of the Vansittarts, Kiplings and the Capras and other like-minded persons are what gave me my impression of the English-speaking nations (maybe this term is more acceptable?); thus reading the words of the anonymous posters on the Net made it all fall into place in my mind. So I concluded that all of them were the same – and one just as evil and murderous as the other.

        Again, I’d like to apologize to you and to everyone else whom my harsh words might have hurt.

        And about the legal implications: I have nothing to worry from the tyrants over my hapless (but to me, still deeply loved) Motherland.
        As I am an autistic person, I am considered to be “non compos mentis” (sometimes it makes me smile when someone tries to compare me to the nutzees, who definitely would have presented me with the same fate as my mentally retarded great-uncle back then…).

        Thus, my way will always, whether anyone likes it or not, be a Sonderweg compared to that of run-of-the-mill humans (or neurotypicals, as we call them), I would not use this term in conjunction with my country; it was after all, used – among others – by ex-nutzee (and later soft-core communist) pseudohistorian Fritz Fischer, who found it necessary to misquote historic documents deliberately in order to build up his dubious historical theses – and to save his own skin, or rather, his tenure, at Hamburg university.
        Furthermore, why call something a “special path”, when there has never been a clearly fleshed out “standard path” for other nations? 😉

        Furthermore, I do not sympathize with President Putin, or at least not any more. His war has cost him (though not the Russian nation) my sympathies.

        One second last point: for the sake of all readers of this blog, shouldn’t we stick to the language of Shakespeare and Milton for the sake of those who are unfamiliar with any other? 🙂

        Or could you possibly erase my bad words, and these as well, as soon as you have read them?


      2. Well, that is an amende honorable. I apologize that I was not able to respond to it immediately; I had an intervening deadline, and then became dreadfully ill for several days.

        In return, I apologize that I caused you unhappiness for, I suppose, the last twenty years. I don’t any longer have the form of words I used before me and cannot imagine where I should now find them. I expect I was reviewing a work of history which touched either on German relations with the Herero, or German operations in Belgium at the Great War, or German history between 1933 and 1945. I do not know what I said specifically, or how I said it at the time, probably inartfully; I expect and can only hope that I said what I have said for decades, that genocide is utterly and absolutely inexcusable, and that the only colorable argument for visiting it upon any people—colorable, but not tenable—is that those upon whom it is proposed to visit it have committed it: which in fact indicts very nearly, if not wholly, the whole of humanity: Leopold’s Belgians in the Congo, the Japanese upon occasion, the Turks, the British in the days of empire, the French in the days of theirs, the Spanish, the Romans, my own country, the Kingdom of Dahomey, the Han Chinese through most of their history, and, yes, Germany. That being the case, it is prudentially as well as morally out of court for everyone, as it ought to be; I am very sorry indeed to have even appeared to have suggested otherwise.

        In accordance with your request, if I can figure out how to delete all of these comments in this thread, I shall do so. That may need to wait a day or two while I figure that out. I am not quite a Luddite, but no one has ever accused me of being unduly technologically capable.


      3. Dear Mr. Pyle,

        I am utterly thankful to you for your friendly words and your forgiveness – and that you took the trouble to write a reply, and such an erudite and warm-hearted one at that 🙂

        And my hope is that your health will improve and become better and better, so that one day you will be back in the rudest of healths (is that a proper English expression? It is supposed to be a good, positive health :-)).

        And yes, I think it might indeed have been a critique of a book back then, in 1999 or something.
        Still, I don’t know; maybe this book was intended by its author to arouse negative feelings in the heart of the reader.
        Unfortunately, such books exist, some intentionally, others unintentionally, as they simply reflect the author’s bias – maybe he hadn’t written this book “sine ira et studio”.
        That is especially difficult and a hard job for any author, I think, but the quality of the work is vastly improved and really worth the effort (that is at least my humble opinion :-)).

        And I would like to say “shame on me and on my handicap” for taking words on the Internet, which were not meant to be taken literally, so much to my heart. But I’ve read so many works of anti-German propaganda in my lifetime that it seriously biased my view of the outside world – and that of the Anglo-Saxon nations, too. It seemed that by gazing into the abyss, after a while the abyss was staring back at me, as Nietzsche put it 😀

        I had to remind myself that there has been so much more to Anglo-Saxon culture that Vansittart and his none-too-friendly brothers in spirit: the literature from the Venerable Bede to Chaucer, Langland and Gower and Shakespeare and all the others, the architects, the music and on and on and on.
        Even my e-mail address pays homage to the utterly great Mechanic and creator of wonderful motor cars, Sir Henry Royce, whose last “opus” the Phantom III was (Sir Henry passed away in 1933, alas, during the motor car’s development).

        Even gardening: just on Monday, my free day, I spent the afternoon at an English rose garden here in Southwestern Germany https://landhaus-ettenbuehl.de/ with a beautiful classic English tea-time – but for the most part, in my mind, I was still eating my rude and harsh words 😦

        And I thought about the photo of the five English boys, titled (not very aptly) “Toffs and Toughs” from 1937 and its background, which is considered so quintessentially 1930s British.

        I thought about the the boys, their lives and their fate, especially of the one, Thomas N. A. Dyson by name, who died the following year at the age of sixteen, and about his poor parent’s pain, whose only child he had been. Then it occurred to me:

        Suffering and pain knows no boundaries, it seems, and transcends all borders of race, nation, faith or social class.
        My hope is that the mighty ones in our world, e. g. Putin, might think about it as well…

        Now I’d like to say farewell, sending you my kindest wishes,

        a German

        P.S: I hope that my words did not mangle the English language too badly.


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