A Commination: Against VV Putin

Little Volodya, your doom is upon you. Hear me, Vladimir Vladimirovich! And hear me also, you sedulous, credulous bastard bootlicker and bumboy to Putin, Alyaksandr Ryhoravich Lukashenka! May all free peoples hear me: not only in Ukraine and in the world, but those in Russia who groan beneath your more than Mongol yoke, and whoContinue reading “A Commination: Against VV Putin”

I am a man; I consider nothing human alien to me.

I’m not, as it happens, Jewish. In religion … I can do no better than to paraphrase Will Rogers: I’m not a member of any organized denomination, I’m an Anglican. My ancestors of record have, preponderantly, been Anglicans since the Elizabethan, though not necessarily the Henrician, Settlement. Before, and in some cases after, as recusants,Continue reading “I am a man; I consider nothing human alien to me.”