Newly released….

Uncle Grumpy’s Guide for the Perplexed:
Volume I. Starting University.

The first in a new series … in which Uncle Grumpy—me: the historian, critic, publisher, and retired attorney Markham Shaw Pyle—explains the purpose of a university; its pitfalls; how not to let it turn into a mere trade school for you; what tools to pick up there; how to avoid become a conforming cog in the machine; how to become and remain cultured there despite the modern university’s best efforts; how to stay sane, fit, and reasonably sober; how to avoid becoming arrogant and too clever by half; and generally how to avoid all the mistakes which he made forty years ago.

Published by Markham Shaw Pyle

Ex-lawyer turned historian; W&L man; historian; author; partner, Bapton Books

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